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ACCA 确认P1&P3科目合并

作者:泽稷教育ACCA 2018-12-26 16:51
P1公司治理和P3商业分析将合并为新科目“Strategic Business Leader”
P2公司报告则改称 “Strategic Business Reporting”
未来 Strategic Business Leader 科目的考试时间是4小时,不管从难度还是时间上应该都是不小的挑战,这场考试目测是上半身与下半身的共同摧残......。
现有的 Professional Ethics Module(职业道德测试)升级为 New Ethics and Professional Skills module
合并后的P1P3新科目 “Strategic Business Leader”的考试时间为 4 小时,这对同学们应该会提出更大的挑战,中国学生对于商业分析类的掌握不如计算、背书记忆类拿手。
如果你在2018年9月份之前通过了P2,就不需要再考 Strategic Business Reporting。
如果你在2018年9月份之前同时过了P1&P3两门课目,就可以替代新考试科目Strategic Business Leader。如果你只过了P1P3中的一门,那么需要重新参加新科目的考试,之前的成绩作废!
ACCA’s latest innovations to the top level of its qualification are new Strategic Professional level exams which will replace the existing Professional level exams in September 2018 and a new Ethics and Professional Skills module, which will be introduced in October 2017.
The redesign enhances the breadth and depth of the qualification, with greater focus on employability and the practical application of core skills in the contemporary workplace and includes:
Strategic Business Leader – an innovative case study exam, based on a realistic business scenario. This gives students the skills and technical expertise required by modern business where decisions need to be made, measured and effectively communicated to the wider organisation.
Strategic Business Reporting – a new exam exposing students to the wider context of finance and business reporting, giving them the vital skills needed to explain and communicate to stakeholders the implications of transactions and reporting.
An Ethics and Professional Skills module - making modifications to the existing ethics module, which ACCA was the first professional body to offer to students in 2008. This new module will equip them with the professional skills that are needed in the modern workplace.
In Strategic Business Reporting, we take the qualification’s current holistic view of reporting into a new dimension. The syllabus will retain the existing technical content of P2 Corporate Reporting. This is significantly enhanced by giving students the skills needed to confidently speak the language of business, and explain reports and the impacts of transactions to a wide variety of stakeholders.
Strategic Business Leader has been specifically designed to give you time to plan and prepare your answers in a professional manner. So it’s not intended to be a time-pressured exam. We’ll provide exam approach tips as part of our learning support resources.
If you have passed both P1 Governance, Risk and Ethics and P3 Business Analysis before September 2018, you will be given a converted pass from the new Strategic Business Leader exam.
Students who have passed P2 Corporate Reporting will be given a converted pass from the new Strategic Business Reporting exam.
Students who have passed only one of these exams, for example either P1 Governance, Risk and Ethics or P3 Business Analysis, before September 2018 will have to complete the new Strategic Business Leader exam.